As an Health Educator

aeducator3-2I speak to youth, families and communities non-judgmentally in individual and group settings, in schools and health centers. Through interactive activities I ask youth to think about the choices they may need to make with respect to drugs and alcohol; I  stress to parents that they can do something to prevent substance abuse; and I encourage schools to become more educated about drugs and alcohol use in and around their campuses.

I offer:

  • Age-appropriate classroom workshops for elementary, middle or high school students.
  • Presentations to parents on how to talk to teens about substances and identifying risk and protective factors for drug and alcohol use.
  • Presentations to teachers and administrators on the current culture of drugs and alcohol in the schools, how to identify substance abuse and dependence in teens and how to intervene appropriately.
  • Multi-family groups focusing on improving communication between family members and teens.
  • Community trainings on how to identify drug and alcohol use and how substance use can affect mental health.
  • Talks on mental health issues such as adolescent depression and stress.